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Saving and Homemaking 4/22


Forsythia blooms

Spring has arrived where I live, and with it a renewed interest in tending to the outdoors and freshening up our home.


This week I planted some herbs in pots inside. I started with dill and basil.  We have a sunroom so hopefully I will have some very inexpensive herbs in the coming weeks.  I was inspired to try this because we have been planting seeds with the junior kindergarteners at school.


Our local grocery store has e-coupons, and every Friday they issue an e-coupon for a free item as well as some other loss leader deals requiring the e-coupon.  I have been too lazy to log in to their website since the school year started.  I tell myself I’m too busy or there’s not time for everything.  In truth it look about 4 minutes!  I think I will commit to checking their deals on Fridays… this week was a free box of Annie’s Mac and Cheese which is appreciated.


This week I watched ‘The Ultimate Guide to Penny Pinching” while I was on the treadmill.  This documentary was filmed in England, so it amused me to see the grocery scene in the UK.  If you are a fan of saving money at the supermarket, you might enjoy it.  My favorite couple interviewed were putting on a wedding with a very tight budget.


This week I worked in the sunroom, since I was already there staring into my pots waiting for my herbs to sprout.  I gave the houseplants a deep soaking outside, moved the couch to vacuum under it, got cobwebs out of the corners, and went through the always accumulating mail.


Every moment I get I am sneaking a few chapters of the excellent middle grade book “The War that Saved my Life” by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley.  The topic is the children evacuated from London to the countryside at the beginning of WWII.  This Newbery Honor book is for anyone 4th gr and up.


“Using up” is the theme for this weekend.  Finishing off ham in the freezer with ham and eggs after church.  The evening I am grilling some odds and ends from the freezer and making potato salad from scratch because I have celery, onion and mini red potatoes.  Our local food co-op had organic pastured beef on sale so I made up some taco meat for the freezer.  Tonight I will sit down and think up a meal plan for the week.

How was your week?  Any savings surprises or spring cleaning?


End of the Week Wrap-Up

IMG_3935-privateHappy Weekend!  Did you enjoy Mr. Saver’s LED bulb post this week, and did you guess that his educational background is in the computers & engineering field?

We finished out the week with money to put back into savings.  Some will be set aside for an Amazon Subscribe and Save order that will hit in a few weeks.  For information on saving money using Subscribe and Save, see these earlier posts.  The rest of the money is for long-term savings.

The main reasons we spent less this week were simple meals at home and a return to work for me meant little time to get in trouble anywhere else.  I have to admit, being back at work after a summer off is a harder adjustment than I remembered.  It isn’t so much the process of getting out the door, making lunches, and so on, but more my own expectations about what I can accomplish at home.  I have another week of simple meals planned, and I hope I can eventually get back to making more interesting meals.  My family, however, would be happy to eat eggs, hot dogs, and pea soup for quite some time!

I did get away to the mall for a bit this week before picking our daughter up from school and treated myself with my birthday money to a really good nonstick pan from Sur la Table.  I also was pleased to buy our daughter her Halloween costume – Athena, Goddess of Wisdom.  This gal loves to dress up from any historical period.  While saving money is quite a thrill for me, I try not to let my spending muscles atrophy too much, especially when I can buy something that will be really enjoyed.

We have about $100.00 in our “Family Fun Money” budget line and are trying to decide as a family whether we want to buy the game “Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries” with it.    My daughter said she would like to go to Montana instead, but I’d say our fund is about $3,900 short on money for that.  Any Ticket to Ride fans out there? To me, a game is always a good investment.

How was your week?