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Extracting Joy

Use your beautiful precious things.

This is a life lesson that keeps presenting itself to me.

Our neighbor had a Corvette that spent 98% of the time in the garage. Occasionally it came out to be washed and waxed and back into the garage for another week. It wasn’t vintage… Nothing stopping it from a trip to the grocery store, except it was too precious.

A few weeks ago our neighbor died. When the people came to take the car to sell as part of his estate, do you know that car barely could make it down the driveway? A Corvette! It was all sputters and clouds of smoke.

Teeny problem with using our treasures… All that love can wreck them. I am a fan of Emma Bridgewater dishes from England. Some are hand-painted and limited production. My daughter flung herself on the couch and my “Winter in the Country” mug broke! She was possibly sadder than I was because she knew it was really special and not easily replaced. Then I felt bad that she felt bad! We both needed to hear me say the truth that if we put away our treasures so nothing happens to them, we deny ourselves the opportunity to love and enjoy them.

Are you saving precious things for future generations? The most valuable things to loved ones are the things that bear the marks of our own love for them. Mom’s cookbook with the handwritten notes and stains trumps a pristine cookbook on the shelf every time.

BeatrixPotterMy beautiful mug-with-no-handle is currently a chair for my Beatrix Potter friend Jeremy Fisher. It still brings me joy when I see it and my daughter laughed when she noticed him on the bookshelf.


Day 2, ‘Appreciate and Maintain What You Have Week’ and I am loving it!Daylilly

So far . . .

I put away the 8 different sunscreens on the bathroom sink, left one out for convenience, and found a spot for a garden lilly.

The Lego Friends’ Village has been relocated!  A handful of legless and armless Disney figures have also found a place to hang out other than my living room floor.

My daughter and I had lunch and “tea time” on the front porch both days.  We used my Emma Bridgewater tinware and made a regular lunch a little more fancy.

Garden Lunch

My husband has been having breakfast in our sunroom the past few days, enjoying the views of vegetable garden, flowers and trees. It’s a great feeling to use all of the rooms in your house and not be paying for more space than you need.

Sometimes when I slow down a little, it helps me feel more energetic and creative.  I sent a few emails out and a neighborhood “Ghost in the Graveyard” (tag) game will be underway tonight. Look out XBOX, here comes an ‘old school’ game.

JamieOliverI reduced the tower of magazines under the living room end table, and moved my cherished Jamie Oliver magazines to the bookshelf.    It looks so wide open now!

Most of our dinner tonight will be free.  I had to switch up my meal plan after receiving free items from a friend going out of town.  We are having frittata with kale, green onions, and potato; sourdough bread, and citrus fruit and apple salad.

Living simply is not about living in poverty or self-inflicted deprivation. It’s about living an examined life where one has determined what is truly important and enough … and then just let go of all the rest. – Duane Elgin