Minimalist Motivation 

screen-shot-2017-02-05-at-4-22-45-pmWell, hello!  I thought I would put fingers to iPad after a long hiatus because I’ve been thinking about my “saver” roots after watching an interesting documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.”

I’ve been enjoying it on the treadmill at night.  The premise is that we have one shot at this life, as far as we know, and spending it acquiring, tending, and shopping for things is not a very satisfying way to spend our days here.  The show also brings in some KonMari ideas… it’s not that one needs to have nothing, but what we do have should bring joy and function to our daily lives.

The movie is relevant to me because I seem to have less and less time to tend to our house and belongings, so having less and being able to find things seems appealing.  I would love to know that my closet and my daughter’s only contains clothes we will wear and enjoy wearing.

We both went through our closets this weekend … nothing as extensive as Marie Kondo’s method of touching everything you own … but it feels good to pass along what we can and to be able to find what we need.  Trust me, more work is needed!  I choose to look at this as ‘baby steps when I can’ rather than a massive project tearing apart the house.  My work schedule and kid schedule just doesn’t allow for something like that right now.

Today I need to jot down what we are taking to Goodwill for tax purposes (one of my least favorite jobs!) and I will drop them off tomorrow when I run DD to dance class.

Have you seen this documentary?  Do any parts of minimalism feel relevant to you?






15 thoughts on “Minimalist Motivation 

  1. "No Pension, Will Travel!" with Cheryl + Paul

    Hi Jen. Been a spell! Good to hear from you again. I just finished watching this last week. I like the idea of “mindful consumption” although this can mean different things to different people. We spent 2015 getting rid of a lot of stuff – but we still have too much. We spent the last year as “nomads” either traveling, or house-sitting in our new hometown. So by the time we move into our own place, we’ll be getting by with a lot less stuff of our own.

    1. Jen Post author

      Good to hear from you! Don’t you find that travel really shows you what you can do without? Some of the pleasure of traveling is being away from the stuff you should get rid of and haven’t.

      I’m glad to hear you continue to shape and enjoy your retirement!

      I think you are based in Canada… but it is a stressful time in the US for some, and perhaps that is part of the appeal of bringing order to home when the larger environment is chaotic.

  2. anexactinglife

    Hi Jen, I enjoyed the documentary too, and hearing the interviews they included. I am not even remotely a minimalist, but I do like to buy quality, take care of things and make them last. I have lots of regrets when I buy cheap stuff or have to replace things often!

    1. Jen Post author

      I think it’s great that the “younger generation” is making voluntary simplicity their own… I was in a a big university campus at Christmas and saw a few businesses making “tiny homes.”

  3. kissedawake

    So many people I know have been talking about this documentary this weekend! I need to watch it! I actually spent most of my weekend de-cluttering, too. I’ve got a large American Girl bag filled with stuff to donate.

    1. Jen Post author

      I think it came out right around Christmas, and I just bumped into it on Twitter. It would be so awesome to get dressed in the morning knowing everything fits, looks good, and I’m not just ho,ding onto it because I made a mistake getting it in the first place. LMK if you watch it!

  4. LiveFrugaLee

    Yup, I saw this documentary recently. I had been following The Minimalists for a while, and they make some good points. I’ve also read Marie Kondo’s book. She recommeneds a marathon session, but I’ve been trying to do things little by little. I’ve made some progress clearing out things by donating to Salvation Army and Lupus Foundation, and I’ve also sold some items on Craigslist. However, there’s still a long way to go. It’s nice to see that the minimalist movement seems to getting some traction these days though.

  5. Flo

    I will have to check this out! I’ve been doing a major purge around here that I started in January. I’ve had to look at things a bit differently but quite honestly, I’m not missing anything so far. The good part is the more I get rid of, the more I see other things that can go!

  6. Jen Post author

    I enjoyed it. Admittedly they are kind of “DUDES” but I still got something out of it. I hunk they are an important voice for the younger generation with these massive school loans.

  7. yorkshireyogini

    Great post! I think simple living can help make time for all the important things in life, and I found the documentary both interesting and enjoyable. I’m glad to find someone else who got so much out of it 🙂

    1. Jen Post author

      I ended up getting the book (on Kindle!) as well. It was Ok but the writing style was just over the top and completely weird for non fiction. Very much like Chuck Palahniuk “Fight Club”.

      1. yorkshireyogini

        That’s a bit disappointing! I suppose the sentiment about simple living is still there though! 🙂

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