Summer Reading – Freebies

To me, nothing says summer like the arrival of summer reading programs for kids!  I will be sad when DD is too old to participate, and that day is coming way too soon!

SummerReadingTri-228x132Barnes and Noble has launched their summer reading program, which culminates in a free book that your elementary school-age child can select from their list.  As always, they have a great selection of free books for kids to choose from.  I would have to choose Mercy Watson, Mr. Limoncello, or the new American Girl book about Lea Clark.

Have you participated in the Barnes and Noble program in the past?


4 thoughts on “Summer Reading – Freebies

  1. Sunny

    It feels like just yesterday that I saw the post about this program….but it was a whole year ago!!!
    I have never participated in the B&N program (cause I found out about it only from this blog and I’m too old, LOL) but my libray has a summer reading program for all schoolage children….and maybe adults too, not sure. 😉
    Happy reading! 🙂

  2. Mrs. H

    We do our local library reading program as it’s only a few blocks from our home. There’s a weekly story and craft time and weekly prize for completing the reading assignment. It’s a nice way for my youngest to meet up with her school friends over the summer. B&N is a 15 minute drive away so a 30 min round trip costs too much in gas that we’d rather not spend. The free book sounds like a nice deal though.

    1. Jen Post author

      Love the local library programs in summer. On the first day of summer vacation we always go to the library to register. I’ve saved DDs reading lists since she was little. So fun to see all of the difference “phases”


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