Amazon – Saving the Lazy Way

Scholastic Image

Scholastic Image

“Necessity never made a good bargain” – who else, but Ben Franklin

Mr. Saver is the guru of all things, and recently he had quite a rewarding, pat-on-the-back experience that made us both glad he is such a diligent planner.

Some time ago, our carbon monoxide detector reached its “end of life” and started to make a unique chime every 60 seconds.  After replacing the unit, he thought that some of our other fire/CO detectors could also be hitting that milestone (if you are a new homeowner, a distinctive chime may mean “end of life” – check the back of the device.  They last 5-10 years).  He shopped Amazon for the latest and greatest and placed some units on his “wish list.”  He checks the wishlist frequently and noticed one day that the price had dropped quite a lot.  He pounced, knowing we could pay for this from our home maintenance fund.

Just this weekend one of the devices in the basement started making a unique chime (and isn’t it fun to try to figure out which one it is?)  He had recently changed batteries, so end of life was the reason for the chime.  He pulled out his new unit, bought leisurely and at a low price, and proceeded to earn that pat-on-the-back.

If you anticipate a purchase in the months to come (back to school?  Christmas?), why not start watching for low prices now?

For Mr. Saver’s other Amazon tips, including a full analysis of saving with Subscribe and Save, go here!



6 thoughts on “Amazon – Saving the Lazy Way

  1. Mixed Money Arts

    Very nice! I am also a big fan of Amazon’s frequent price fluctuations. Diligence definitely pays off 😀

    1. Jen Post author

      mr Saver is also a fan of adding Kindle books into his wish list … At some point they usually show up for 1.99, and he grabs them that way.
      Of course, we have probably all experienced the maddening price increase on the item we searched for the day before!

  2. Mrs. H

    Love those rewarding, pat-on-the-back savings! I constantly peruse the clearance shelves in store clearance sections to stock up on anticipated future purchases. It’s so satisfying knowing you’ve got it covered when a need arises. Good info also on his Amazon Subscribe and Save series.

  3. Rob and Becky

    That’s how I do a lot of my grocery shopping. When something, such as Tillamook cheese, goes down to $4.99/2 lb. loaf, I get as many as I can during the week. I (and family members) have sometimes purchased as many as 8. They last a long time, and they are the best! I do that with other items we use a lot, too, or buy in bulk or by the case. It’s awesome. I’m not as knowledgeable about Amazon, but it sounds like it’s time to learn!

  4. Flo

    Good for him! Amazon’s pricing is crazy that way. I looked at a pair of tennis shoes and decided to put them on my wish list. A day or two later I decided to buy them, still the original price. Two days after I got them the price went up and has since gone up again! Had I waited, I might have paid nearly $20 more for them. You definitely have to “strike while the iron is hot!”

    1. Jen Post author

      I’ve noticed weird things with shoes, too.
      We have Amazon one day delivery where we live now. It’s very odd. Random people show up in their regular car and deliver your package like, from their back seat. I miss Mr. UPS 😢


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