What I Did This Week to Save Money – 5/8

Finding Beauty at Home

Finding Beauty at Home

You might recall my angst a week ago when I realized we had been to the grocery store EIGHT times, and had heaps of emergency purchases due to all of us being sick.  This week felt much improved.

This week I:

  • hit the grocery store on double coupon day, which was worthwhile because we were pretty much out of everything.
  • found chicken on sale and took advantage of that (2.99/lb boneless/skinless). The package will be enough for two meals and it was just under $3.00
  • will use heaps of Saltines from when family was sick to make homemade chicken tenders
  • went to the store with a meal plan in mind – spent 60.00 for the week
  • used up some crystallized honey in millet muffins.  I have had the ingredients for a while but needed to get down to business and make them.  I am glad to have the container of honey gone as it was difficult to work with.
  • made twice-baked potatoes while the oven was already heated from the muffins; used my abundant garden chives
  • free entertainment was reading my back issues of Victoria magazine and watching a free movie on Amazon “The Holiday” – thank you to DH for watching this ultimate “chick flick!”
  • reviewed our seed purchases for the garden –  seemed a little light on food and heavy on herbs.  Picked up some Swiss chard seeds for 25% off.
  • spent Saturday after grocery shopping at home and napped!


Budget surprise this week:

  • More clarinet reeds.  Eighteen days left of school, but Murphy’s Law….  We do keep a budget line funded for school expenses.

How was your week?




8 thoughts on “What I Did This Week to Save Money – 5/8

  1. Flo

    No new discoveries here, but realized last night that I only have 3 packets left of the instant oatmeal flavor we didn’t like, yay! I’ve been using it to make peach crisp, instead of mixing from scratch. I don’t know about you, but I hate throwing anything out if I can find another way to use it. We are on a freezer “eat down”, I always try to do one in the spring, so I haven’t been buying much grocery wise.

    I made a big batch of homemade laundry detergent so I won’t have to make it again for a while. I am running low on supplies, need to restock. We did go out to eat over the weekend, but I had a coupon, so that eased the pain LOL.

    How much do clarinet reeds cost now? Just curious as it’s been years since I’ve been around any of that. One advantage of playing the flute, little to no maintenance.

    1. Jen Post author

      That is an amazing idea with the oatmeal! I have a few Trader Joes pumpkin oatmeal packets, and I just can’t deal with them anymore. BUT…. I have loads of rhubarb that could be a crisp. Plus it gets rid of the bulky box. Keep you posted.
      Reeds are around 20+ dollars depending on the type. It could be worse…. She wanted to play the oboe and those reeds are hand made and super finicky.

  2. Rob and Becky

    I stopped by and enjoyed reading some of your back posts after you left the comment on my blog. Millet muffins sound good. Are you gluten free? Or just like experimenting with different grains? I am very gluten free, so love to hear of interesting ideas. Since we are moving out of this house on Saturday, I won’t be baking much for a while, but I’ll keep that idea in the back of my mind. I have one recipe I like a lot. You take millet, cook it, and add cheese. Then you make a “crust” in a pie pan with that. You make a thickened chicken/vegetable mixture and pour in “crust” and bake until warmed through. It was good, and I want to make it again after we find a house and move into it.

    1. Jen Post author

      We are not GF, but I happened upon this recipe in the cookbook “super natural every day” and it just intrigued me. It’s a lovely book if you have access to a library. Many of her recipes are GF and she is a blogger too. Thanks for the tip on the millet crust. Sounds great!

  3. amyleebell

    You have great pics! You must have an amazing garden! I wish I knew how to garden.

    Enjoying your budgeting tips too. I also like to make out a menu for the week before shopping. Keeps me from getting too much or too little (which has happened before too, lol).

    1. Jen Post author

      My husband is the main garden worker. He appreciates getting outside since his job is sedentary. I’m usually just trying to keep a handle on things inside. Both are never ending battles!
      I have to map at least a general idea of a meal plan out too. I can’t make a dinner on the fly on a work night.

      1. amyleebell

        He is a great gardener! How lovely to be surrounded by such beauty all the time. When I want fresh flowers on the table for dinner, I have to go buy them! It doesn’t happen very often, lol.

        Haha, work night dinner on the fly = pizza at my house. That’s one area that having a menu has really helped us. I almost never have an excuse to buy fast food anymore!

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