Feeling Accomplished


Pretty Blossoms Before Rainy Day

I started my day off with a great feeling of saving money and accomplishing a neglected item on my to-do list.  We recently made a switch to Dental insurance because braces are coming down the road (check your plan because you may have to be insured for 1 year before you are eligible for a benefit for braces.)  The new insurance required me to switch to a new dentist — something I was reluctant to do.

We loved our dentist and referred many friends to her over the years, but the new dental plan would pay 100% of preventative care for one of their providers.   Today I tried the new dentist, who had a gorgeous office, gentle techs, and HGTV in the treatment rooms.  Sold!  I walked out with nary a bill or statement . . .  just a lingering feeling that I too, need an “island home” as touted on HGVT 😉  Our prior dentist was costing me about $150-200 per cleaning.

My daughter is not happy about having to leave her beloved dentist, but it does come down to FREE (after paying the insurance that is)!  I was able to soften the blow with a special card from the new dentist that she can take to her orthodontist and he will give her a big Oral-B kit which includes an electric toothbrush and other dental swag for tweens. It pays to have dental friends!

Are you takin’ care of business this week too?



6 thoughts on “Feeling Accomplished

  1. Flo

    I’ve had a strange feeling of accomplishment this week, but it makes sense. Everything seemed to be due all at once: car inspections, vaccinations for the dog, dentist appointments for both me and the hubby. I was dreading spending all of that money, but now it’s just about done (my appointment is Friday) and we won’t have to worry about it now for a while. The best part was my car, it had been making a weird noise and I was dreading the bill. Fortunately it wasn’t even close to as bad as I thought it was, and I got away with a $300 charge for everything as opposed to the $1200 bill I was expecting. HAPPY DANCE!

    1. Jen Post author

      Ooh, that is cause for a happy dance! We recently got a new muffler. I called DH and said, “Could this car need a new muffler or am I driving a sports car?” I don’t mind those repairs you know you’ll have eventually. Not a fan of then “mystery” problems! What’s your take on the X-rays at the dentist? It drives me crazy how much they push them…

      1. Flo

        My dentist doesn’t seem to push them, but yeah, some think you need to have a full mouth shot every six months. I only go to the dentist once a year, and they do one section one year and the other the opposite. With kids I can sort of see it as it can be a way to determine a potential issue ahead and perhaps prevent it, but for adults, it doesn’t need to be as often unless you have a history of problems.

        LOL @ muffler/sports car! Been there, done that. Also driven around with my head hanging in shame too until I’ve gotten it repaired.

    1. Jen Post author

      Absolutely! The most rewarding things are the things you have thought about 100 times but you haven’t taken action on, like RSVPing for a function. Takes 1 minute…. But it took me all week to get it done !


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