Reality Comes Calling

I’ve been off work for the past week.  Glorious time!  A mini family vacation, lots of play-time for DD, and cleaning up the house with a drop off at Goodwill to boot!  Satisfying.  I know I am headed into a super busy April but the promise of summer break is on the horizon.

Having just that sliver of free time has given me space to do some goal setting instead of just surviving.  On my mind today:

  • Switching out of vacation mode and into “making dinner” mode.  A busy week ahead means a meal plan must be dealt with.  Not my favorite chore, but not planning is 10X worse.
  • Continuing to edit our “stuff”… being on vacation always makes me appreciate how little you need to be happy.  Pat on the back for setting a rummage sale date this summer with my  mom.
  • Flylady’s habit for April is making the bed.  Talked to DD about adopting this routine along with me.  We are pretty good about making the bed, but hopefully the diligence in this area will spill over into picking up clothes off the chair!
  • We reconcile the weekly expenses every Saturday evening.  Now is a good time to make sure we have accounted for summer expenses, especially kid expenses, and fund any categories that still need money.
Vacation living - the food comes to you!

Vacation living – the food comes to you!

What’s on your mind at the start of April?


2 thoughts on “Reality Comes Calling

  1. Flo

    I’m just trying to get caught up at the moment, but one thing I’ve been debating is whether I want to start some flowers for out in the planters or just buy them already started. No veggies this year, we are letting everything recover from tomato blight. I have some tax stuff to finish up too. At the moment our budget is shot until we find out what we owe from my visit to the hospital, blech!

    1. Jen Post author

      No fun to have those financial unknowns hanging out there. Gardening… I want to try a “fairy garden” this year in a pot. Yes, I have been spending too much time on Pinterest! We will be mostly around this summer so it seems like a good time to try something new without needing a “plant sitter” 🙂


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