Got $10 and Time?

Mr. Saver is Head Gardener in our home.  He was researching shrubs and trees and came across a wonderful, economical resource at the Arbor Day Foundation.  The Arbor Day Foundation sells an enormous variety of evergreens, fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and flowering trees, many of them priced from $ 4.00 to $ 19.00.  Who needs Monrovia at the garden center?!

Of course, there is a catch.  The plants are small, many from 6″ to 3 feet.  So, you need to be both frugal and patient to make this work.  There is also a “tree wizard” which will help you select the best trees for your growing conditions.

I was drawn to the “American Beech”  – its “beech nuts” serve as an important food for wild turkeys, foxes, and porcupines!  It grows 70 feet tall, has fall color, and you get all that for the low low price of $ 9.00!

Note – they only ship in spring and fall.  This is not a sponsored post – just sharing!




3 thoughts on “Got $10 and Time?

    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      Love this! Thanks for the link as I don’t think I saw it the first time around.
      We have a Japanese Maple in our backyard that we brought home in the back seat of an Altima about 15 years ago. Today it’s a gorgeous tree but those years just flew by for us.
      I bet those trees you planted are like the ones kids bring home from school on Arbor Day. We have a few in the backyard too… More like a stick than a tree.
      The website has some interesting research people can participate in on hazelnuts. They want to grow more in US and Canada as they are drought tolerant, produce protein, and take up large amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. If you join the program you can submit your plant data yearly, which is a great project for a family.


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