American Girl Warehouse Sale-Wilmot 2015

A reader left a comment yesterday asking about the dates for the American Girl Wilmot Warehouse sale. It will be held June 11-13, 2015, from 10:00-8:00 pm.

You can read about our experience at the first day of the sale in 2013 here

You can read about our experience on day two of the sale in 2014 here

You can read more about all things American Girl, from Wilmot to the Madison Doll Sale, at DollsBetweenUs

Directions can be found on the Mattel Outlet Website.  I’m happy to answer any questions!



26 thoughts on “American Girl Warehouse Sale-Wilmot 2015

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      You bet! Happy to answer any questions. The first time we went (on Day 1 of sale) we were totally unprepared for the mayhem. Day 2 was so much better!
      If you are going with kids, there is an indoor bathroom in the Mattel Store which is on the property but a short walk from the warehouse. Otherwise it’s port a potties and I don’t think there were sinks 😦 so Hand Gel or wet wipes would be good to have.

  1. Karen

    Do you have any idea what day 3 would be like? I am from Michigan so I would need to do the Saturday. Also, do they have andy of the clothes for kids? Thank you.

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      I have never been on Day 3 but that is the day we will be there this year. My guess is that historical items will be gone, but there will be things from Saige and MYAG. There’s no way to know for sure though.
      Sometimes we have seen the clothes for kids there, especially in small sizes. The Oshkosh outlet store has a very good selection of kids clothes. Lake Michigan loop road trip?? 😃

      1. Karen

        Yes, I am thinking about a Lake Michigan loop trip. We did the Oshkosh store a couple of years ago, this sale would be closer for is.

  2. Kerri

    My kids get out of school on June 11th, so that would be hard for me to go that day. So I was going to try on the second day, we really don’t need that mean clothes :-). Someone said I should leave my kids at home because they will be bored, I have a boy who is 7 and a girl who is 8. Will they be ok. Did they have any boy clothes for the bitty baby boys? Thanks for your help,

    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      You don’t want to go the first day with kids. The check out is sooo long because people are spending thousands and sometimes it takes a bit for the credit cards to go through since it’s an impromptu store. Second day last year was no problem. It’s calm enough for kids to be in there, checkout times more reasonable.
      I never looked in detail at Bitty items, other than there were plenty.
      Not to be too gender stereotyped, but the Mattel outlet store on the property does have many items a boy might enjoy, so that could be a part of your trip too.
      Indoor bathroom at Mattel outlet!!!
      Port o potties at Warehouse sale!!

      1. Kerri

        Thanks for your quick response, Ill check it out on Friday with my kids. I hope I don’t spend to much money 😉

  3. Tara

    Do they have the dolls there to buy? What are prices like for the dolls? Do I need to get there early to buy dolls? TIA 🙂

    1. Jen @ HealthfulSaver Post author

      There are no 18″ dolls at the Wilmot Sale. There are AG pets and sometimes mini dolls. There are dolls at the Madison Children’s Museum sale. Tickets are needed for the Madison Children’s Museum Sale. You can read the details on the MCM website and they also have a Facebook group. Tickets will be available for the Madison sale later this month, and the sale is mid-July.

  4. Katherine

    From Canada …need more info wanting to go to sale looking for 2 dolls prices? can u order? directions?

    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      There are no dolls at the Wilmot Warehouse sale. Dolls are sold at the Madison Children’s Museum sale as a fundraiser. Tickets are required for this sale and there are limits on what may be purchased.

  5. Heather

    What forms of payment to they accept at the sale? Would you recommend bringing a tote bag along with to put items in while shopping?

  6. Mika

    I will be attending the sale on Saturday this year, and I had a question: Must you purchase tickets to attend?

    1. Jen @ DollsBetweenUs Post author

      No, only the Madison Children’s Museum sale requires advance tickets.
      At the Wilmot sale generally on the first day it is crazy busy and they give you a number when you arrive. Then they take groups of people, say numbers 100 to 140, and on and on. When we went on the first day a few years ago we waited about 5 hours, but you are free to roam around.
      When we went on Friday last year, there was no line and we walked right in at 10 am 🙂
      I have unconfirmed info that there may be further markdowns on Saturday this year, which I would not like if it means a lot of Ebay folks make it hard to get in.

      1. Mika

        Ahhh yay! I’m honestly so excited- I’ve never been to an american girl sale, I just hope it’s everything I expect it to be!

    1. Jen Post author

      I am assuming so… For the past 2 years it has been in early June. Second weekend in June. Nothing is announced yet… Follow us or check back in March. It’s a crazy and fun day!!

  7. akb923

    ahhh… i really, REALLY want to come. i have heard about that sale since i got my first AG. but i don’t think I can come. Maybe next year.


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