Vacation – Finding Hidden Worth

Hoppy Easter?  This flower creation was spotted at Walmart!

Hoppy Easter? This flower creation was spotted at Walmart!

We are back from a short get-away to a nearby state (one that is a little bit warmer)!  While it was just a few days, I came back with some fresh perspective on the value of getting away.

One realization I had is that being immersed in the busyness of work and school seems to encourage filling schedules up even more.  My daughter and I talked today and determined her summer schedule is going to be pretty open.  Theatre camp in late summer, and a 1 week ballet intensive in the evening.  That’s it.

There are so many neat things to do in summer, but choosing those things means we won’t have time to do the things we want to do together — the short list includes going to the beach, rummaging for American Girl dolls to revive, going for walks, picnics, blogging, and Grandma teaching us to sew.

The other thought I brought home with me was that I need to get back to stricter meal planning.  My new job this year has been mentally demanding, and while we are still eating at home most of the time, I can see that I could be more organized in terms of shopping and planning ahead so I am not making emergency trips to the store.  Those extra trips drive our grocery costs up, and I hate to think I am using the life energy I give to employment so I can go to the grocery store with abandon.

Do you find that vacations give you perspective that you can’t get in your daily life at home?  You can expect more meal planning posts from me to keep me on the wagon!


5 thoughts on “Vacation – Finding Hidden Worth

  1. surprisemillionaires

    Great post! I am a huge believer in “regional travel”. Set a mileage range, driving time or cost point and make your plans. You will be shocked at what you can find to do just a few hours from home. And yes, we always come back refreshed and ready to tackle life again! You may even find a favorite long weekend get-away spot.

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      The past few years we have taken “big” vacations… And while we cherish those trips, they come with high price tags and high expectations. An overtired kid has had us saying we would have rather stayed at home! Somehow a jaunt a few hours drive is more easy going for everyone.
      That said, we are saving long term for a trip to England. We worked so hard to become (and stay) debt-free, and one of the reasons we are still working that budget every week is so we can afford to have experiences together as a family.

  2. "No Pension, Will Travel!" with Cheryl + Paul

    Too true. But I’ve also found there is a “vacation mode” that I can enter even while at home – sometimes. Some of the principles I learned from observing myself on holidays:
    * Do only one good thing every day.
    * Talk to people for no reason.
    * Live with less material stuff.
    * Go outside even when the weather isn’t cooperating.
    * Travel with friends and family that you enjoy being with.
    All these can be found within 30 yards of where I sit… 🙂

  3. kissedawake

    Oh man, all those things you listed sound like so much fun! My husband and I need to be better about eating at home, too (usually we opt for easy things like baked salmon in foil or shake ‘n’ bake chicken haha).


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