Starbucks Mondays in March

StarbucksStarbucks will have special ‘Happy Hour’ promotions in March from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.  You do need to be a ‘My Starbucks Rewards’ member.

The most appealing dates, to me, are

  • March 9 – 30% off almost everything
  • March 30 – Frappucino Happy Hour 50% off frappucino

I overheard the baristas scheming to not have to work on March 30 – frappucino day 😉

I had a nice day off today.  Mr Saver and DD went to the museum, leaving me to grocery shop, wander at Michaels, and stop by Starbucks.  It was a long week because I worked full-time, something I haven’t done in about 9 years.  We’re all grateful to get back to a regular schedule next week.


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