American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

American Girl Outlet Oshkohs My fellow budgeting, decluttering, and meal-planning friends, cast your eyes away while I take a moment to talk to American Girl doll bloggers about the American Girl Outlet Store, located in Oshkosh, WI near the Experimental Aircraft Museum.  When you consider the Wilmot Warehouse Sale, the Madison Children’s Museum doll sale, and the Oshkosh outlet store, Wisconsin is quite the location for AG deal-seekers to make a pilgrimmage. There are some deals to be had for sure, and other items at the Outlet are not priced far off the catalog.

These prices are nothing to get excited about

Some prices are nothing to get excited about

There were many huge boxes with Julie’s VW car, at the still-astonishing price of $ 350.  At the Wilmot Warehouse sale this same item was $ 175.00. American Girl Julie VW In fact, there were many Julie items, but none priced to move quickly.  noexif_IMG_5258_private


The best deal is the American Girl books, all generally 50% off sticker price.  This includes the illustrated historical fiction before they switched to the BeForever books, and activity and quiz books.

Two things got our attention recently. Saige’s welcome t-shirt, $ 2.50.  A nice price!  I also saw Saige’s wrap bracelet for girls which I believe was around $6.00. American Girl SaigeAnother find was Addy’s birthday dress, retired in 2013.  The boxes contained all items originally sold with the outfit, including the pointelle stockings and a brown and cream snood.  Price was $ 14.00.  The sewing detail on this blouse and dress blows me away.  This item came home with us, paid for out of my personal fun money of course!Addy Birthday

The sleeves are to die for!

The sleeves are to die for!

There were definitely a few Ebay folks there–some items at the Outlet do have limits on how many can be purchased.  I can see how this can be an income stream, but that is too much risk for my  taste.

Other items include Bitty Baby clothing, AG clothing for girls, (including Saige’s sweater and a number of BeForever clothing for girls’ items), and clothing for retired Cecile and Marie-Grace.

There are no dolls, of course.  The only place to buy those on discount is the Madison Children’s Museum sale.

If you are in the area, it is worth a stop to be sure.  Personally, I think only the Wilmot Warehouse sale has prices to warrant a road trip.

Stop over at our AG Doll blog “The Dolls Between Us”!


18 thoughts on “American Girl Outlet, Oshkosh

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. We would like to go to the Madison Children’s Museum benefit sale this summer (the doll sale). Fingers crossed!
      I wish they would publicize the Wilmot sale further in advance; if it were always the same weekend maybe people could combine it with a summer trip to Chicago.

  1. Kerri

    I went last year to the Madison Children’s Museum sale. I went on Sunday, I got there at 4am, and I was in the hundred for numbers when they handed them out at 6am. I came back at 9am, and they let everyone in my group in at 9:30. It was very overwhelming for me, because my kids were into American Doll but they didn’t have any so I didn’t know where to start. They didn’t have any clothes left. I got my son, two boy bitty dolls (they only had boys) $40 each,and my daughter a look-a-like doll with ears pierced for $30. I also bought a Ivy doll with Julie’s clothes on for $30. It was worth going, and my kids were so excited for there new dolls. I didn’t realize, the dolls come with books, so I messed up on that. You could buy up to 10 dolls, and people were. It was a crazy day, but totally worth it. If you go on Sat, you pay $7 advance to get in. I know a lot of people got a lot of clothes and dolls they want. I was just looking for anything.
    I live in Wisconsin, and I am hoping to go to the Wilmot Sale this summer. I keep checking your posts. (How do you find out about this sale?) Happy Shopping….

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Hi Kerry, thanks for stopping by!
      We will definitely get advance tickets if we go to the MCM sale this year. Thanks for the tip.
      You can find out about the Wilmot sale by going to the Mattel outlet website for Wilmot… But they do not post it that far in advance. Start checking in May, perhaps. Two years ago it was in August, then last year it was in June basically the first day of summer vacation.
      Last year I was counting on it being in August, and then I had a notification from WordPress that my blog was having heavy traffic. I had no idea why except the traffic was all google searches on Wilmot sale! Lo and behold the sale was the next day! I almost didn’t tell my daughter, but I knew I would regret that and we went. It was sooo much better going on the second day of the sale.
      Now it’s a tradition for us to go. If she loses interest I am going to have to find some other kid to go with me!
      I will definitely post If I hear of any dates.

  2. sunny315

    Cool post! I wish I lived near that outlet, I would visit it probably every day if I did. 😉
    Also, I had no idea Addy’s birthday dress was retired! :-O Thanks for the info.

  3. R bala

    Is the Madison children’s sale a zoo? New to ag would much rather drive to WI then downtown Chicago?y daughter mainly wants accessories ie. Dogs, sets for ag.

    1. Jen Post author

      You do need tickets for the sale. You can check out the Madison Children’s Museum website for ticket information as well as a list of everything being sold next week.

      You enter the sale in groups of about 200, and the ticket entry is timed. It’s manageable with an 8 year old, but I would not recommend for 6 or 7 year old.

      How about train to Chicago?

      1. R bala

        Chicago is no prob going to, I don’t live far. But with it being summer and the protests going on I don’t want to head downtown. My daughter is mainly wanting accessories, she’s going to be 10. Thinking of day trip to Oshkosh. Maybe I’ll call there and see if they have what she is looking for.
        Thank you:)

      2. Jen Post author

        The outlet in Oshkosh is closing on 7/27. We were there this past weekend and the store is just about empty. They had clothes for girls, red tshirts for dolls with city names, and Graces spatula for humans. The ladies at the outlet store are always helpful.

      3. R bala

        One last question. Lol. Madison is about 1 and 1/2 hours from us. Is the charity sale worth going to? I have a hard time with pushy moms. I’m more laid back. Is it pretty well organized?

      4. Jen Post author

        I welcome your questions! To me, the sale is much better as a mom/daughter outing than the Wilmot Warehouse sale. That sale attracts a lot of eBay sellers and I can’t deal with waiting 1.5 hrs to check out.

        We didn’t really experience anything negative last year. The workers are volunteers and they were so nice, and people were kind enough to pass merchandise back to others. That said, you are in a warehouse with 200+ people so I wouldn’t call it relaxing.

        We aren’t going this year, but have fond memories of last year.

        There is a display at the Madison Children’s Museum on miniature worlds (doll houses, etc) which looks awesome.

        The AG phase might be peaking for your 10 yo, so why not go for it if your finances allow? MY daughter is 11 and interest plummeted all of the sudden. I’m sad! Keep me posted and questions are no problem.

        If you are on Facebook check out the MCM AG Benefit Sale group.

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