Meager Rations!

Oregon Trail Game

Oregon Trail Game

My daughter has been playing an old MS-DOS game called “The Oregon Trail” (play for free at Internet Archive). Her characters, whom she names “Axel” and “Emily Rose”, are constantly dropping dead from cholera, dysentery, and starvation.

The game warns of meager rations and that is how things look around our house. It’s been super cold here with negative temps and -25F wind chills. When it warms to above 0 degrees it snows and then it gets Arctic-cold again. It was a good week to have a solid meal plan and groceries in the house because I haven’t been anywhere except to work.

Our breakfast this morning was salvaged from a meeting at work yesterday. . .Oh yes I did! The muffins that had been out since 8 AM were looking like they were a heartbeat from the trash. This morning they were more appealing than plain Cheerios anyway.

We are headed out today on an all-family grocery shopping expedition and I’m almost giddy at the prospect of leaving the house.  “Axel” is harnessing the oxen and with a little luck we will cross the river without drowning!


8 thoughts on “Meager Rations!

  1. lilimounce

    Now that really is an “educational” game!

    Good save on those muffins. My son’s office had a large in-office dinner, with a sheet cake, and I noticed this morning that he had brought the last of the cake home for us. Lucky us! I’m always amazed that no one else wants these office leftovers.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Ooh, good son! Sheet cake is a major score compared to grocery-store muffins.
      DH stocks Ziplock bags in his desk at work for such occasions. I kid not! When he brings something home I say, “Way to hunt something down and drag it home, honey!” This is a nod to Dave Ramsey who says something to that effect when he is trying to motivate someone to get a job and step up.


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