“In Suuuummmmmerrr”

Olaf Chalk Art

Olaf Chalk Art

Where have I been all summer?!  Even my daughter chimed in with an admonishment that I haven’t blogged in forever.

This summer just FLEW by, but it was filled with new experiences.

I taught Vacation Bible School, and even I was shocked by that.  The class was K5-1st grade boys, whom I have little experience with.  I LOVED it, and I was attached to those little guys by the end of the week.

I have been training for a 5K in a class at church.  So far I am able to run 2.25 miles.  I don’t think I have run that far since high school.  I am pleased that my breathing is keeping up with the running, and am proud I am doing it, but I haven’t fallen in love with running.  It has been great to have a personal goal this summer other than “mom duties.”

UP Michigan, yes, it really looks like that!  This is an iPhone pic!

UP Michigan, yes, it really looks like that! This is an iPhone pic.

We vacationed in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, renting a house for a week.  It was beautiful, remote, and very different from our urban/suburban lives.  In the UP you are likely to see a number of eagles, but good luck finding a Starbucks!  How many places in the United States can make that claim?

Last summer we were pushing hard on financial fronts, saving for new siding and other exterior improvements.  This summer we eased up a bit, continuing to budget and save, of course!  We have continued to refine our budget process and I will tell you more about that in a later post.

If your blog has been on a summer hiatus, I would love to hear how you are doing!






11 thoughts on ““In Suuuummmmmerrr”

  1. Message In A Fold

    It sounds as though you have had a very active and fun summer. How fun to have a classroom of boys and enjoy the process :D! Your vacation cabin way up in the northern territories of the US sounds like a dream. Cool evenings and mornings, cold nights for great sleeping, warm days to roam the woods and be a part of nature. Awesome. And, last but not least, congratulations on your 2.25 miles of running in your training for the marathon. Whoop, Whoop! Well done.

    Thank you, my new friend, for stopping in and checking on me and my blog.


    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thank you Leslie! The house was on a lake and at night there were otters all over the lake (they are partially nocturnal in summer). They were pretty neat, but not long after we returned a kid was attacked by an otter in a neighboring state and needed rabies shots! Don’t mess with nature!

      1. Message In A Fold

        Holy Cow! I knew otters could be more trouble than raccoons but attacking a child was not something I would have considered.

        Anyway, I’m glad your trip to the north woods was enjoyable.


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