Near Disaster… Read and Learn

This this little beauty?  She is my daughter’s Webkinz lamb.  Her name is Marigold.



My daughter took her to bed two nights ago and we haven’t seen her since.  We assumed she had fallen under the bed or was tangled in the covers.  Tonight was the first time we got around to looking for her.  No luck finding her.  Marigold is “optional” for a bed-time companion, so we hoped she would turn up.  Meanwhile, I was really wondering where she had gone.  I even checked the laundry chute!

Suddenly a wave of dread crept up on me.  What had been next to the bed that night?  A heaping waste basket of Kleenex, as we are all battling goopy colds.  What color is Marigold?  Yep.

I went to the garbage can outside, knowing i had emptied that bedroom trash can maybe 3 or 4 times in the past two days.  You know you are a parent when you are digging in a garbage can in the garage at 9:00 pm.

Found her on the first try… resting amid heaps of Puffs Lotion tissues.

A very close call!





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