Menu Plan Monday – Jan 27

MPM-WinterThis week I happily have all of my ingredients already in the pantry or freezer.  We are about to begin “Polar Vortex, Part 2” (a few days of temperatures below 0 F).  I hope to not have to grocery shop until the end of the week when I turn my attention to Superbowl snacks!

Black bean soup - Dinner at home

Black bean soup – Dinner at home

Mon – Dr McDougall Back Bean Soup (Veg), Biscuits and Honey

Tues – Turkey burgers, fries, and broccoli

Wed – Spaghetti (sauce already made in freezer, joy!), home-made garlic bread

Thurs – Eggs, hash brown potatoes, turkey sausage, fruit

Fri – Pizza night, and ice skating (hopefully!)

For more menu inspirations, check out orgjunkie!



6 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Jan 27

  1. Country Lady

    I am finally sitting down on Sundays and making out menus for the week with whatever in in the house. I absolutely hate coming home from work and trying to figure out what to have to eat that night. I always have food here that was purchased on sale, but the main problem is “what to have”. I guess we too good all of the time.


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