A Frugal Week By Chance, Not Choice

Well, this week is shaping up to be very frugal because we have been home with a sick kid.  I’m feeling grateful that this virus is not visiting us a week from now on the eve of Thanksgiving!

Meals have been pretty simple around the house this week.  Tonight we will have some leftover turkey in gravy from the freezer, potatoes and fresh green beans.  No trip to the grocery store required!

Making a CVS List, and Checking it Twice...

Making a CVS List, and Checking it Twice…

While my daughter lounges on the couch binging on “Geronimo Stilton” books, I have been getting ready for Black Friday at CVS, which actually starts this Sunday.   You can preview the Sunday CVS ad at iheartcvs.  This is one sale I hit every year, and it doesn’t involve camping out overnight or shopping on a holiday.  If you are new to CVS-ing, you will need their Extra Care store loyalty card.  When you use this card, it will give you access to the ExtraCash deals.  For example, starting Sunday when you buy a box of Kraft Mac and Cheese for .99 cents, you get a .99 ExtraCash back coupon on your receipt which you can use at a later date on any products you want, except things like stamps and alcohol. (Um, you have to remember to get back to CVS to use the ExtraCash!)

Deals I particularly like this year include free after ExtraCash:

  • Starbucks Double Shot or Refreshers
  • Advil
  • Theatre Box candy
  • Gum
  • Pantyliners
  • Sparkle Paper Towel
  • GUM toothbrushes
  • Hershey candy bar

There are many more deals to be had.  I have visions of stocking stuffers dancing in my head.  You can also use manufacturer coupons! Let me know if you are a CVS-er too.


6 thoughts on “A Frugal Week By Chance, Not Choice

  1. budgetlovingmilitarywife

    How I miss getting “free” items… we didn’t have a CVS when we were in WA but I hear great things about it! Hopefully our next move in a few will have a CVS nearby! 🙂 LOL.
    Something I learned recently that if your CVS catalinas say “manufacturer coupon” on it… and it does not say use for “only” at CVS… us overseas military can use the ones you forget to use before they expire (up to 6 months after expiration date) at our commissary. Just something to keep in mind and pass onto couponing friends! 🙂 Hope your daughter feels better soon!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Yes, please have the DOD consult the CVS store locator before your next assignment! I have sort of broken up with Walgreen’s as of late. Their coupon policy is so confusing, and they never have anything in stock.

      So, basically overseas military can use anything that says “Manufacturer Coupon” 6 mo after the date? That’s great! How do we connect with someone who can use them? Do you want some? You can always message me at healthfulsaver AT gmail DOT com.

      Side note… during the fighting in Iraq my daughter and I “adopted” a soldier, who turned out to be a woman, nurse, and mom. It was a great experience. We were connected with her for about 1 year.

      1. budgetlovingmilitarywife

        That is so great! I know the soldiers who are deployed need/want to stay connected to “home” and any words of support/encouragement are so helpful! 🙂
        Yes, I would LOVE some coupons! I will email you! Thank you so much!!! 🙂

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks, Simply Save! Daughter is on the mend judging from the crazy antics going on tonight.
      That is so neat that you were “adopted” too! We felt like we got more than we gave for sure.


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