Menu Plan Monday – Sept 9

Pumpkins Glass

Hello Menu Plan Monday readers!  As I mentioned in Saturday’s post, I am trying to keep this week’s menu workable so that we can eat at home and I don’t wear myself out.  Thursday is looking like a rough day, and we’ll be eating out and maybe using some birthday BOGO coupons.  How about those glass pumpkins in the photo?  How to choose one when they are all so pretty?

Monday – Shrimp and twice baked potatoes, broccoli.  Made the potatoes on Sunday.

Tuesday – Hot dogs, veggies, potato salad

Millet Muffins

Millet Muffins

Wednesday – Eggs, turkey sausage, and millet muffins from a favorite cookbook “Super Natural Every Day”.  Heidi’s recipe for the great muffins is linked above.

Thursday – Out for an inexpensive quick meal

Friday – Taco night!


Chocolate Pudding

I thought I would occasionally share any ideas I have for packing a school (or work!) lunch.  My revelation this week was that I can make my own Jello/ pudding cups.  My daughter is enjoying this treat, though she did complain that lunch is so short she “didn’t have time to savor her pudding!”

For more meal plan inspiration, check out!


7 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Sept 9

  1. anexactinglife

    I never know what to do with the millet sitting in my cupboard (other than use it for bird seed, LOL!) so I will give those a go. Good idea on the pudding cups! Isn’t it funny how we’re trained to buy the ready-made ones?

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I was a little afraid of the millet, too, but it isn’t hard on the teeth at all. I have discovered that the yogurt amount called for in the recipe is not the same as an individual serving yogurt cup here in the US… so I usually round it out with some sour cream. If you can get your hands on her book at the library, it is gorgeous. Her blog is


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