What I Did This Week to Save Money – Sept 1

Beautiful Butterfly Nets

Beautiful Butterfly Nets

Happy September!  We’ve been busy this week saying a last good-bye to summer and also celebrating my birthday.  It hasn’t been the most frugal week ever, but we did have some money-saving highlights.

  • Our front light post stopped working, which is a problem when your block has no streetlights.  Mr. Saver, aka The Reluctant Do-It-Yourselfer, tackled the problem with tenacity, battling mosquitoes and a stripped screw that did not want to budge!  He replaced the entire light that sits atop the pole.  Bravo!
  • Speaking of Mr. Saver, he has been on a LED lightbulb conversion kick lately.  I hope he will pen a post for you in the coming weeks on this wise long-term investment.
  • Came in under budget on our electricity bill, and pushed the surplus money into our long-term savings.
  • Made an extra $ 65.00 selling items on eBay and Craigslist.
  • Started back to work for fall.  Starting next week I will be working about 20 hours a week.  When working on family finances, you can’t forget to examine the income side of things.  Watch for an upcoming post on transitioning from SAHM to part-time employment.
  • Sorry, you knew I was going to say it… eating from the garden!  The 3rd crop of arugula is just at the right size.  I’ve almost thrown in the towel on the zucchini… I can’t keep up with it and I am afraid to look and see what kind of baseball-bats are growing under all those leaves.
  • Ran a report to look at our grocery spending this month, which was low for us.  Spent a total of $ 338.00, or about 85.00 a week.  We were home all month, and ate at home most days.  My guess is that we spent less by eating meals based on what we had at home, and using a lot of garden produce.  We had a lot of vegetarian or almost-veg meals.

We ended the week depositing a bit of unspent money into our long-term savings and also Christmas gift budget accounts.  We are so close to meeting our goal to increase cash savings!

How was your week?


6 thoughts on “What I Did This Week to Save Money – Sept 1

  1. The Recovering Coupon Queen

    Sounds like a productive week! I love when you can fix something, come in under budget and produce some extra cash on the side! Makes you feel like you can conquer the world 🙂
    I am looking forward to the SAHM transition post – that has been one of the hardest things my family has ever gone through. You don’t realize how much you do until you have to teach kids and husband to do it! My husband was in panic the first day he had to pick up kids – he couldn’t remember what street their elementary school was on! From that moment on we had to do some reassessing and working on details. It is a huge transition, takes time, patience and creativity. And lots and lots of frozen meals in the freezer… good luck!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      ‘Honey, where do the kids go to school again?’ Certainly working outside the home makes life extra interesting at times, but then again it does give kids an opportunity to take more responsibility.

  2. Frugal Mainer

    One year I let my zucchini get too big because I couldn’t keep up. That was the year I discovered how good roasted zucchini seeds are! After that, I always let a few get really big. Rinse the seeds well and compost the rest of the squash. Roast the seeds in the oven with a little olive oil and salt or other spices. They’re a good, nutritious snack.


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