Barbie Movie Party – Birthdays at Home!

There comes a time when either your budget can’t swing a bounce house/gymnastics birthday party or your kid is just sick of going to them (first world problems, I know).  How about an old-fashioned, frugal party at home?  When it is time to celebrate my daughter’s birthday, this is what it looks like outside our window


So, no backyard birthday parties or going to a park to play for us.  I hope those with summer birthdays realize the budget-friendly party hand they have been dealt!  It is possible to have a fun, memorable party at home that even Mom and Dad can enjoy.  One of our best parties was the Barbie Movie Party.  My daughter and I made almost everything for the party.  Let me show you what we did and feel free to adapt to Star Wars, Superman, or whatever the flavor of the month is at your house.

First we made invitations by hand.  My daughter was in the rhinestone-sticking department and I handled the paper cutting.  We made invites that fit in business size envelopes that we already had.  We invited about 6 girls.  That is maximum kid capacity for our home.

Barbie Party invite

We heard many raves about the invitations!  Next my daughter and I made a tissue paper flower for each attendee to take home as a party-favor.  Find how-to instructions on the web.  Each flower takes less than 5 minutes to make.

Tissue Flowers

We fancied up some water bottles for a party drink.  Simply cut thick patterned paper, like scrapbook paper, to fit in a band around each water bottle.  Then use clear packing tape to cover the entire band.

Decorated Water BottlesThe final home-made detail was the Barbie Doll Cake.  You can either buy a Wilton cake pan to create Barbie’s gown, or find instructions on the web for making it from a mixing bowl.  Ask your friends – someone has to have a pan you can borrow!  I really recommend buying a Barbie torso cake pick at your local craft store.  Don’t try to fit an entire Barbie doll in the middle of the cake.  If you want your cake to look great, dress the cake pick in a Barbie-doll shirt you have around the house.  This means you won’t have to decorate around her, um, chest.  We decorated her gown simply.  Remember, you have 7 year olds coming to your house and this isn’t a Pinterest contest!  All the dots and squiggles I created can be done with a Ziplock bag with a hole cut in the corner. If you have a Barbie cake, you have yourself a party!

Barbie CakeOur party agenda was:

  • Arrival – decorate your own Goody Bag at the dining room table
  • Play Musical Pass the Barbie – When the music stops, if you are holding Barbie, you’re out.  Continue until you have a winner.  Extra points for the hostess who plays a Barbie music cd from the library!
  • Watch Barbie movie on living room floor while eating pizza and drinking from fancy water bottles.  Check movie length.  “Barbie Magic of the Rainbow” fit our schedule best.
  • Cake, presents
  • Dance around living room with tissue paper flowers before pick up.  This may have been the highlight of the party!
  • Take home your goody bag – we like to put in some home-made sugar cookies.  I avoid cheap junk that gets thrown out the next day.

My daughter and I had so much fun working on the party details and using things we had around the house to make a unique party!  I do admit that I have a family legacy when it comes to kid’s parties.  My mom was always very creative. . . one year we had a taffy pull!  That was in the days before personal injury lawyers had been invented 🙂  Truly, there’s only a handful of years when you have a chance to have a fun kid’s party.  Before you know it, birthdays with friends will consist of a request to be dropped off at the mall or the movie theatre.  Carpe diem my friends!


9 thoughts on “Barbie Movie Party – Birthdays at Home!

  1. Crazynoiia

    I grew up in Maine and have a winter birthday … one year we had an Ice fort party. my dad and i spent the weekends and snow days before my birthday building a whole town in the back yard. we could get ice cream cake at one place and soda at another … and my dad made a small ice pond for skating … pre made a bunch of snow balls… a ‘field for snow angels’ … then we had hot cocoa while i open presents inside …

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Wow, what an amazing creative idea! I bet it was fun doing all the preparations together leading up to the party. The working together part is the part that makes the best memories!
      You will have some big shoes to fill in the party department.

  2. Economies of Kale

    We always had parties like this when I was a kid, we were allowed to invite seven kids (because there were three of us and that made ten), my mum made a homemade cake (usually in the shape of the number we were turning) and we played games like pass the parcel, musical statues and treasure hunts. Kids don’t need a lot of money to be entertained 🙂

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I agree! You know, parties at home are really rare in our area. From kindergarten through 2nd grade I think my daughter went to 1 or 2 parties at home out of dozens of parties. Kids these days really remember going to a party at someone’s house because there are so few of them!

  3. mtlchick30

    I love these ideas! My daughter’s birthday is in November so I totally get this post! I’m struggling right now with planning her party. I’d love to do an at home one but house has limited space and we always just end up renting a hall and having some sort if entertainment. That always ends up being SO expensive! Thanks for the really cool ideas, it was really inspirational! 🙂

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I’m so glad you liked it! We have a small ranch house – 1 bathroom. Living room and dining room are the same room. It does work! The key is a shorter guest list. It’s a bummer to not be able to invite every kid, but I do find parties are more memorable when the kids can actually interact with each other. I do say that I get final guest list approval… small house, I need well-bahaved kids!


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