Menu Plan Monday – Aug 19

More blossoms, More zucchini!

More blossoms, More zucchini!

Taco Salad

Taco Salad

Monday – Make your own taco salad night… made fresher with choices of black beans, oven roasted corn kernels, avocado, crisp Romaine in addition to the usual suspects of cheese and chips.

Tuesday – White bean, sausage and kale soup which is a new recipe for me.  I have the kale in the garden (as long as the bunnies don’t beat me to it!) and some chicken sausage in the freezer.

Wednesday – Hot dogs on the grill, potato salad.  Turkey select hot dogs were $ 1.78 this week!  I will make extra potatoes and use them in frittata.

Thursday – Frittata with bacon, kale, zucchini and potato.  Summer fruit.

Friday – Orange chicken with basmati and veggies from the garden.

For more Menu Plan inspiration, head on over to!


8 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Aug 19

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Hi Dana, Thanks for stopping by. Curried Cauliflower sounds like it would be a hit. I’ll make a note of it. Another great one is Sheryl Crow’s Warm Hummus Soup – you can grab that off Word Cloud or google it. My daughter’s most requested soup!


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