Menu Plan Monday – August 12

cropped-cucumbers-graphicsfairysmb2.jpgThis week’s menu plan is a little more free-form than usual.  My husband is off of work for a few days for a last hurrah of family fun before it’s back to school time.  We will catch a number of meals out, but will need some dinners at home too.

Monday – Daughter to Grandparents’ for the day.  It will be a simple dinner like oatmeal or cereal to balance a big lunch out.

MinestroneTuesday Summer Minestrone Soup!  This soup turns out well in the crock-pot if you sauté the onion, garlic and red pepper first.  Try it for about 4 hours in the crock-pot.  Helps keep the kitchen cool.  If your garden is producing things like zucchini, greens, basil, beans… this is the recipe for you.

Wednesday – Green Chile Burgers – I saw fresh Hatch chiles from New Mexico in the grocery store.  I plan to grill them, remove the skin, and place on grilled burgers.  We can pretend we are still on our New Mexico vacation.  Sigh…

Thursday/Friday – Have ingredients on hand for frittata, home-made pesto and pasta, and quesadillas for lunch or dinner at home.

If you are seeking some meal planning inspiration, head on over to!


10 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – August 12

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I feel like if I make soup once a week I have a shot at increasing the veg intake in the family. Good luck w your healthy eating campaign. I can imagine there are sooo many temptations in London!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I am not usually into spicy and peppers, but these Hatch chiles are great. Tasty but not spicy like a jalapeño. Our grocery had them for 1.28/lb – and grilled and skinned I can keep them in the freezer. Would be great on turkey burger too because I know you are heart healthy.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! I find myself wanting to get more of the green chiles at the store before they’re gone… Husband said that meal was better than any in a restaurant.


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