Best Buy, the NFL, and Our Mad Money

Picture this: it’s a lazy Sunday morning and my husband is relaxing with his weekly Best Buy ad.  But wait, he has an tablet nearby to “do more research.”  And even more troubling, now he is walking around with a ruler!  The last time he did that an XBOX Kinect showed up!

When the slight chill in the air arrives heralding autumn, Mr. Saver’s thoughts turn to NFL Football and questions about the adequacy of the televisions in the house.  If it were me, I would still have the tiny T.V. my Dad bought me in college which didn’t even have a remote control!  How to address this pending conflict?  Mad Money.

In our written budget both my husband and I have a ‘mad money’ category.  This is money each of us can spend as we wish – no questions asked about whether the purchase is worthwhile, and you know I am talking about that XBOX!  Having a mad money fund is also important to prevent what I call ‘tit-for-tat’ spending.  You know,  ‘He bought a T.V. so I am going to go have a shopping spree at Williams-Sonoma.’  This kind of thinking will completely unravel your budget and possibly your marriage too.  We add some funds to our mad money category periodically when we have a budget surplus, or when we get gift money.  Single people on a budget need mad money too, to keep their budgeting efforts from going bust.

Oh, and that American Girl warehouse sale… mad money all the way.  It was very enjoyable to buy the doll clothes knowing that we would still maintain our weekly budget.

How do you budget for occasional indulgences?


2 thoughts on “Best Buy, the NFL, and Our Mad Money

  1. Eva @ Girl Counting Pennies

    I like the name Mad Money! I don’t budget for occasional indulgences as I’m not allowed to have any, lol! Seriously though, I have a small “allowance” each week that I can spend on anything I like, but I’m talking about things like chocolate and take-away coffee rather than an Xbox. I would have to budget for a more serious purchase, so I guess technically it would not be an indulgence.

  2. healthfulsave Post author

    Great idea to have an allowance. We tend to put birthday or Christmas checks into our ‘mad money’ budget line so we don’t end up using it to pay the car insurance!


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