What I Did This Week to Save Money 7/27

Tissue Paper flowers for Grandma

Tissue Paper flowers for Grandma

This week I definitely enjoying slowing down and staying home more.  It gave me time to work on the to-do list, enjoy the cool summer weather, and make use of the food we have at home. My daughter seemed to need the slow time too to recover from our late night block party and swim team events.   To save money this week we:

  • ate simple meals at home and took advantage of the free food a friend gave us when she left on an extended vacation… eggs, cottage cheese, fruit, organic lettuces will not go to waste.
  • took advantage of an offer from a car insurance company (AAA) to pay me $20.00 if they could give me a quote on car insurance.  It took 5 minutes and my check should arrive in a month.
  • my daughter and I made my Grandmother some tissue paper flowers for her 92nd birthday gift
  • listed a high-end kids clothing item on Ebay (I had gotten it at a rummage of course!)
  • cashed a rebate check
  • followed up on a medical bill that our insurance did not pay.  The insurance rep suggested that the doctor’s office go back and look at the codes submitted on the claim.  I will follow up on Monday to make sure they have resubmitted the claim.
  • worked on a new system to track grocery prices.  I will share this with you next week.
  • watched an American Girl movie (Chrissa Stands Strong) from the library on a rainy day when I was feeling tempted to roam at the mall with my daughter.   Great movie on bullying and ‘mean girls’.  I recommend it as a conversation starter with your daughter.

All the staying at home and eating at home resulted in a nice amount of our weekly budget money left at the end of the week.  Most will be put towards savings but we are also stepping up efforts towards Christmas expenses.

Hope your week was a good one!


8 thoughts on “What I Did This Week to Save Money 7/27

  1. Crazynoiia

    I look forward to hearing about your system on tracking grocery prices! We have to start our Christmas budget planning. Since we have our wedding in January our funds for Christmas will be limited. We have decided on a small christmas, though we have not defined small.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Sometimes a small Christmas can be really fun! You will be busy for sure! This year I hope to be able to make a lot of cookies. Last year I didn’t really get it together, but this year I would like to be able to have some pretty packages for neighbors and such.

      I am sure you have a lot to teach about weddings and budgeting. Kudos!

  2. Economies of Kale

    I love free food, and it prevents food waste 🙂 I had to pay my car registration and insurance this week and saved $100 by switching companies to a cheaper one that didn’t offer as many frills.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks! The flowers turned out to be a good way to go. My Grandma could see them because they were so big, and after the party we put them on a public-area table in the nursing home. People can enjoy them, and then they can get pitched if need be.
      Love Pinterest for party ideas especially for kid parties at home.

      1. payoffbefore30

        Also making crafts for weddings is the best way to go. Sometimes I feel like the crafts look more sentimental than the store bought items. Weddings can be really expensive.

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