A Simple Holiday

I am celebrating a new holiday today — and no Hallmark card is required.  I’m calling this ‘Appreciate and Maintain What You Have’ week.  I’m in the mindset to:

Stopping to smell the roses....

Stopping to smell the roses….

  • Stay home
  • Eat the food we have at home
  • Clean counters of the things we aren’t using
  • Bring some zinnias in from the garden to beautify our space
  • Sort items under the end tables and move the few magazines I am keeping to the bookshelf

Some of my feelings this week have their roots in Voluntary Simplicity.  Instead of looking for more and different why not start by working with the bounty that is already here, and already paid for?  The other part of my feelings can be summed up as ‘Will someone please put away the Lego Friends’ City that has taken over my living room for the past week?!?!’

I’ll let you know how this goes!  I hope wherever you are you are enjoying peaceful surroundings.


5 thoughts on “A Simple Holiday

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks Chica! Love Duane Elgin too. I think some of those books helped me see the light about building a house years ago when we were double-income-no-kids and never home anyway. Now that we have DD I am glad for our small ranch and lowe(er) taxes so I can be a mostly SAHM.

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