Magic Mike and the Economics of Exotic Dancing

You know your Dave Ramsey, money-saving ways are really ingrained when they interfere with your enjoyment of a mindless ‘chick flick’!

The Movie:  ‘Magic Mike’ – about a Chippendales-style dancer by night and construction worker by day

The Conflict:  Wants to start his own furniture business, can’t get a loan

The Economics:  Movie implies he clears $300 a night, apparently not paying taxes, works construction by day.  Net = $ 90,000+ a year

Savings:  $ 13,000, cash

Mike is an experienced dancer and over 3-4 years of dancing he is averaging 4% savings or less!  Awful.  Dave Ramsey would say he has a lifestyle problem, not an income problem.  Magic Mike, time to sell that expensive pickup truck, you don’t need it to impress the ladies.  Fix your credit and start paying Uncle Sam his portion of all those ones and fives you are bringing home every night.  Get yourself a written budget and start packing a PB&J along with your stars-and-stripes thong when you go to work at night.  Cut back on the club scene drugs and relax with a Microsoft Excel budget and some wine-in-a-box after a night of dancing.  Now, that’s a story-line I can get behind!


5 thoughts on “Magic Mike and the Economics of Exotic Dancing

  1. Country Lady

    Your money saving ways might interfere with the movie, but you have to admit that it was a “good” movie 🙂 My daughter actually rented it from Red Box for me after I had my ICD implanted. I told her that we will have to rent it again because I was a little out of it the first time around. Wink, wink….

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      What a great movie choice while you were recovering! My favorite character was the Matthew McConahey club owner. Poor DH got roped into watching the movie last Sat night.

      1. Country Lady

        Honestly, anything with Matthew McConahey is good. My daughter saw this movie in the theaters with her friends and she told me that I would like it. She knew her dad and I would never see it together.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      I agree! My favorite money-related movie is “Lost in America”… Albert Brooks? My husband and I have seen it so many times. I guess the characters remind us of ourselves in some ways. Have you seen it?


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