What I Did This Week to Save Money 6/16

Summertime Relaxation

Summertime Relaxation

This week was a nice balance of spending money and saving money.  Lately it’s been save, save, save, so it felt a bit strange to spend.

Saving Money 

  • We enjoyed meals at home and husband brought lunch to work from home most days.
  • Summer break – trying to keep busy with my daughter without spending a lot of money.  We went to an outdoor lunchtime reggae concert and brought our picnic lunch.
  •  Another day we walked to the grounds of a local university with gorgeous landscaping and took a picnic lunch, played the card game ‘Fairy Snap’, and then walked to the library for a free showing of the movie ‘Brave.’IMG_3600-private
  • I was inspired by Lili over at Creative Savv to enjoy some of the beautiful things I have at home and we used pretty cloth strawberry-print napkins and a Vera Bradley cooler for our picnics.
  • Walked to the Village Hall to pay our water bill

Spending Money

  • My daughter had an afternoon with Grandma which allowed my husband and me to have a lunch date and do some shopping.  The money for lunch came from our “Date” budget category and we still have $20.00 left in it for the future.
  • Husband and I went to Target and the mall while daughter was with Grandma.  Target was an opportunity to stock up on some essentials, like lots of sunscreen.  We rarely go to Target but when we do we maximize savings by printing out the Target coupons on their website which can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons for even greater savings!
  • At the mall we had a 30% off everything coupon at Eddie Bauer and were able to pick up a day pack for our upcoming trip to Santa Fe.

We ended the week with about 20% of our weekly budget left and split that money between general savings and our home repair fund.

In other news, my post ‘So You’re Debt Free, Where are the Granite Countertops‘ was recently featured over on the Carnival of Financial Independence.  A blog carnival is an opportunity to gather a variety of blog posts on similar topics together in one place.

Enjoy your Sunday!


2 thoughts on “What I Did This Week to Save Money 6/16

  1. Precious

    I think it is wonderful that you and your daughter are doing so many frugal things this summer. There is always so much to see and do in your own town or city that are free or almost freeand sadly many people never do them.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thank you, Precious. It is amazing how many great free activities are around us. Yesterday we picked up her friend and they attended “Numerology” at the library. Only 5 other kids there. They found their secret lucky numbers, made paperweights, and ate Twizzlers! Free!


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