What I Did This Week to Save Money – 5/25

From the children's book "Electric Ben: The Amazing Life and Times of Ben Franklin"

From the children’s book “Electric Ben: The Amazing Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin”

Some weeks just come together so well – you intend to have a “cheap week” and find many money-saving opportunities.  This was just such a week!  We closed out the week by putting 20% of our weekly money back into savings which was great. I do well know that sometimes despite your best saving efforts, Murphy comes calling and you end up having to call a plumber, fix a roof, etc.  My October and November were just like that!

  • We started the week with a bang.  We had scheduled lawnmower maintenance at our home.  By talking with neighbors, I was able to find three households who needed the same service and we each saved $20.00!!  It was great for the small engine service man because he saved gas and was able to maintain the mowers using a factory line efficiency – he did all the spark plugs, then sharpened all the blades, and so on.  You might consider this type of arrangement for snowblowers as well.  It pays to ask if a volume discount is possible, especially in these times when gasoline is so expensive.
  • Kudos to my husband for thinking to check our Marriott hotel rewards.  We don’t travel that often but have had a few (expensive) stays in Washington, DC recently.  We had a free night and will redeem that over the holiday weekend.
  • I had been procrastinating about getting my oil changed, but saw a coupon on the car dealer’s website that looked good.  I checked Quicken and found that the coupon would result in the lowest price I have paid for an oil change in recent years.  Savings = $3.00 – $8.00 over past appointments.  I will aim to get my husband’s car in before this coupon expires.
  • I wrote at the start of the week of my need for a frugal meal plan, or “beans and rice” as Dave Ramsey says.  My husband felt he “ate like a king” this week and we really made use of what we had at home.  Next week’s meal plan will also try to use what we have and use up what we buy.  I would like to put 40% of our weekly money into savings next week.
  • We will be dining out this holiday weekend while having family fun.  We are not sure where we might end up eating, but we did gather some coupons in advance for restaurants we might check out.  Even though our family weekend money is separately budgeted for, it is still our money and if some of it can go back into savings or towards future vacations, we are all for that.  See Ben Franklin above!

How was your week?  Were you able to keep “Murphy” from paying a call to your budget?


5 thoughts on “What I Did This Week to Save Money – 5/25

  1. Country Lady

    My hubby has always changed the oil in our vehicles. With four drivers in our household, I am thankful that he knows what he is doing. That is a huge savings for us.

      1. Country Lady

        For the most part my hubby is pretty handy around the house. We built most of it ourselves which saved us in labor costs. My dad was in construction before he passed away and he helped us out a lot.

  2. meganlouise86

    My husband and I do this too! We have a certain amount each week for groceries and when we want that money back we just do a “pantry clearing week” and stash our grocery money instead. It forces us to eat the food we have and nothing goes to waste!

    1. Jen @ Dolls Between Us Post author

      It’s amazing what you can serve when you just look at what you already have! I try to have 1-2 meals a week that are at least partially based on what we have.
      We have one set amount of money for the week, but we don’t break out what it is for. It’s for everything from groceries to gas to field trips at school. Utilities are budgeted separately. This week we had 200. left at the end of the week which is great for building our savings and other things we need to set money aside for.


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