Food Waste Friday – Yogurt Rescue!

IMG_3509-privateThis week I made Cooking Light’s banana bread (very good!) which calls for 1/3 cup of plain yogurt.  As I put a half-filled container of yogurt back in the refrigerator, I just knew that the odds were good that I would forget about it and end up throwing it out.

The next morning I had an idea – I could repurpose it into a pretty parfait.  I added apricot marmalade to sweeten the plain yogurt, and layered with 1 kiwi, 2 apricots and a dab of whole berry cherry preserves.  The colors were so pretty and I had just enough fruit for 3 parfaits.

Have you had any proud food rescue moments this week?



8 thoughts on “Food Waste Friday – Yogurt Rescue!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks! Husband feels like he ate like a king this week, but really, we are just eating the food we have. Last night we had hot dogs, pea soup, huge salad, and the lemon apricots from Sendiks.

  1. lilimounce

    That looks yummy! I make yogurt once a month, about a gallon at a time. Fruit, yogurt and granola parfaits are my daughters’ favorite breakfasts and lunches. I do my yogurt in quart-sized jars, and never have had them go bad. The jars will stay fresh for up to a month, unopened, and we once opened we go through a quart within a few days.

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Wow, I will definitely check out the post you have up about making yogurt. Hearing your testimony about how long it lasts is very convincing. This would be a great thing to have in the summer when my daughter and I are eating breakfast and lunch at home. Thanks Lilli!

      1. lilimounce

        Yogurt is really pretty easy to make at home. You just need a candy thermometer, some sort of picnic cooler (as an incubator), and canning jars. A couple of tips — sterilize your jars, don’t use ultra-pasteurized milk, do use whole milk, use a good quality yogurt for starter (not store-brand — I used Yoplait vanilla), the day after making your yogurt, save a couple of small containers of yogurt in the freezer to use as starter for future batches (I bought 1 small container of yogurt as starter a year ago, and haven’t bought any new starter since).
        Here’s the link to directions:

      2. healthfulsave Post author

        Thank you for the URL! I have had a few forays into canning so I have the equipment I would need. I have read that dairy that still has fat in it allows for better calcium absorption. Wouldn’t that be lovely to have when the strawberries are ripe.

        Before I get to the yogurt, though, I am going to try your rhubarb muffins next week. Keep you posted on all of these!

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