Black Belt Savers Only: Locking in Low Prices Using Amazon Subscribe and Save

Mrs. Saver is itching to get back to her blog, so this is Mr. Saver’s last day guest blogging about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save (“S&S”) program.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

To appreciate today’s S&S strategy, you need to understand the anatomy of an S&S order.

  1. When you first order a product through the S&S program, Amazon immediately places an order for the product.
  2. The order is listed as “Shipping Soon” but the shipment doesn’t occur until about five days prior to your monthly scheduled delivery date.
  3. For subsequent future deliveries, Amazon will automatically create an order for the item about 12 days prior to the delivery date.  Like with the initial order, this new order will be in “Shipping Soon” status until about five days prior to the delivery date when the item will ship.

Why is this important?  Because your price for the product locks in when the order (or automatic re-order) is placed.  Since Amazon’s prices fluctuate frequently, you can save money by watching the prices of your S&S items leading up to their shipment.

For example, say you ordered a water filter through S&S for $11.40 on May 23 and your delivery date is June 15.  On June 2, you notice that the item price has dropped to $9.60.  What do you do?

  1. Go to the S&S page and cancel your subscription to the product.
  2. Doing this is supposed to cancel the associated order, but I never trust this so I manually cancel the order too on Amazon’s “Your Orders” page.
  3. Now go and resubscribe to the product, and you will lock it in at the new, lower price.

You can use this strategy prospectively for re-orders as well.  If you see that one of your S&S items has dropped in price, you can lock in that price by canceling and then restarting your S&S subscription to that product.  If the price is exceptionally good, you can even consider increasing the quantity of what will be delivered.  I did this recently when the omega-3 packets I normally buy dropped from $26.50 to $21.00.  Today, those same packets are back near $26.50 in price.

One final caveat to be aware of with this strategy: you cannot lock in the price of a product more than one month prior to the product’s scheduled delivery.

Thanks for sticking with me over the past three days.  I hope you found this topic useful.   Keep on saving!


3 thoughts on “Black Belt Savers Only: Locking in Low Prices Using Amazon Subscribe and Save

  1. Robbie (@robbiekay)

    Thank you for the information. I was not aware of this program. Will have to check and see if there’s anything that we buy on a regular basis from Amazon that we should be utilizing this. Found your web site through the comments on The Prudent Homemaker. I plan to visit again!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks for stopping by! Amazon subscribe and save helps keep me out of Target! Otherwise I go in for a water filter and come out with $ 100. of other stuff that always looks so irresistible.

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