Using Amazon Subscribe and Save, Part 2

Mr. Saver is here again to talk a little more about Amazon’s Subscribe & Save (“S&S”) program. You can view yesterday’s Intro post on the Subscribe and Save program here.

First off, let me say that you can save money with the S&S program even if you use it in its most basic form, which is to:

  1. order the products that you normally use,
  2. set them on a reasonable recurring delivery schedule, and
  3. then wait for the products to arrive.

However, you can save more money if you give your S&S account a little TLC.

The simplest way to save money with S&S is to try to ensure that you have five or more products being delivered in a single month in order to get a 15% (rather than the standard S&S 5%) discount.  Regardless of the schedule you initially set up when you first ordered your S&S product, you can easily change the next delivery month for the product by going to your S&S page (you can access this by clicking on “Your Subscribe & Save Items” under “Your Account” on the Amazon home page).

The S&S page displays all the products you are currently subscribed to in the program.  To the left of each product is the product’s next delivery date (e.g. “June 15”) and the delivery schedule (e.g. “1 unit every 4 months”).  By clicking on the “Change” button to the right of the delivery schedule, you can change both the delivery month and frequency.

Once you have a little experience with the S&S program, you will find your own best rhythm to the shipments.  For me personally, I have found that bimonthly shipments work best to keep us well-stocked.  Mrs. Saver may occasionally say these bimonthly shipments keep us TOO well stocked, but we agree to differ on this issue.

In tomorrow’s blog post, I will explain how you can lock in your best price using S&S.


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