What I Did This Week to Save Money – 5/11


This week I wanted to change things up a little with my weekly post.  As I was cleaning off my nightstand I found the bead you see pictured.  This spring our family went to a Native American Pow-Wow where we met an artist and her adult special-needs son.  The son offered us each one of these beads with a leather tie.  The woman explained that this was a good luck bead; however, it wasn’t to bring you good luck, but rather to remind you to appreciate the good luck you already have experienced in your life.

To me, that is an invitation for gratitude for the people and the things I am so fortunate to have in my life.  A car that runs – so lucky!  Water that comes out of a faucet!  Parents and a husband who have always been there for me.  The love of my child.

All of this abundant luck, finer than anything from the mall.  Thank you.

What does the good luck bead remind you of?


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