‘Weight of the Nation for Kids’ Starts Tuesday

Last year at this time HBO films ran their 4-part series on “The Weight of the Nation.”  I watched it several times and found it to be both inspirational and a wake-up call.  The films from last year are streaming for free on the HBO website and are also available for free on Amazon Instant Video (click image at right).  For me, the most compelling episode was Part 3: Children in Crisis.

Next Tuesday, May 7, the series returns with “The Weight of the Nation for Kids.”   The three new shows will show young people actively improving their health and the health of their communities. All of the segments will air for free online at: http://itsh.bo/11cTFQx or check your HBO listings.  In my area the new series will be shown on HBO as three episodes back-to-back on Tuesday after school.

Coming Next week: a healthy kid-friendly menu plan in honor of the show and reflections on feeding our families healthfully and frugally.

Have you seen ‘The Weight of the Nation’?  Love to hear your thoughts!


2 thoughts on “‘Weight of the Nation for Kids’ Starts Tuesday

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