Food Waste Friday – Freezer Edition!

FoodWasteFriday Our seedlings are sprouting in the garden and I just knew it was time to come to terms with last year’s produce in freezer that was still hanging around getting freezer burn!

Here is what I found: a bag of bread with two ends in it; a bag of green beans and a bag of brussels sprouts, both with freezer burn; a bag with last year’s jalapenos and one of pureed tomatoes; ziplock bag with 1/2 cup of marinara sauce with freezer burn, and a tray with a few eggrolls that had come unwrapped.

IMG_3450-privateComing soon to Meal Plan Monday:  Chickpea Curry – because a number of the elements are waiting in the freezer.

I think putting things in little ziplock bags is a good way to forget to use them!

Want to see how other people did with the challenge?  Head over to The Frugal Girl


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