Joining the Ranks of “That Mom”

IMG_3429-privateI joined the ranks of “That Mom” this week… it was lurking in my heart for a while until I came out.  “That Mom”…. the one who doesn’t bring tri-color cupcakes to school.  “That Mom”… who doesn’t hand out juice boxes with the cupcakes.

This week was my daughter’s VIP week at school.  Bringing a treat is an option and I knew I would want to bring something that would be accessible to all the kids, including those with nut allergies.  I have often silently bemoaned the abundance of candy, cupcakes, and gummy fruit snacks that pop up at school, especially in the lower grades.  I had not really taken my stand though.

The treat we brought for VIP week was fuji apples and dip.  The dip was neufchatel (cream) cheese thinned with milk, cinnamon, and brown sugar.  I gave the apples a dunk in lemon water so they wouldn’t turn brown.  I hoped this treat would fly or I was going to be in trouble afterschool!

Pleased to report that when I walked into the classroom two kids said “Oooh apples!” and my daughter said that is was a great success, except for a couple of kids that don’t like apples.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Are you on the fringes of joining the ranks of parents who want better snacks for our kids at school, church, sports and scouts?  Check out this great article over at Real Mom Nutrition “Why Are We Afraid of Telling Parents What to Do?”  I would love to hear if you have taken your own stand!  How did it go?


8 thoughts on “Joining the Ranks of “That Mom”

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      Thanks! You can also add a blob of peanut butter into the dip if you are not dealing with allergies. A hour after this treat, they had brownies from a staff member that is moving. Extra glad they didn’t end up with cupcake and brownie within 2 hours!

  1. Tina K.

    Great work! I recently sent homemade kale “chips” to school for Lilly’s classmates! They were a hit and I had to email out the recipe that day!

    1. healthfulsave Post author

      In retrospect, they would have been nice in cute cupcake papers too… but the cup definitely makes it cleaner for the teacher! My daughter had two portions leftover and brought one to the PE teacher who is always hungering for birthday sweets!


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