Meal Planning, As Good as a Part-Time Job?

Recently I had my hours cut at the school cafeteria where I work.  It was a bit of a bummer as I have become used to seeing those larger paychecks.  Currently we use this part-time income to put towards savings and special things we need to fund, such as trips and summer activities for our daughter.  I started to wonder what I could do to supplement the small loss of income.

Better Meal Planning!

The benefit to working a really tight meal plan that uses the food you have already purchased is that the money you are recouping in your grocery budget you get to keep with no additional taxes to pay on it.  I have always worked a meal plan with some consideration for budget, but I determined that if I could better use the groceries I buy, with less waste, I could quickly make up for the lost income.

Meal Plan for this Week:

Monday – Chili with Assorted Beans – I had dried beans in the pantry and cooked them in the Crock Pot on Sunday. Used 1/2 ground turkey in chili as ground beef is more expensive.

Tuesday – Spaghetti – saved 1/2 of the ground meat and tomato sauce I cooked for the chili, will use garlic bread in the freezer

Wednesday – Tilapia, also from the freezer, with a .78 cent bag of cole slaw mix on sale this week and homemade dressing

Thursday – Eggs, buttermilk pancakes with buttermilk currently in the fridge.  Usually I end up forgetting about it and tossing it.

Friday – Turkey burgers – Trader Joes burgers in the freezer

I generally supplement meals with fruit and or vegetables that are on sale that week or that I am already using in school lunches.

So far this week I have spent about $35.00 on groceries.


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